paloma ayala

paloma ayala (1980, matamoros mexico) received her bfa at the university of monterrey, mexico in 2002, and a professional teaching degree at arte a.c. in 2003. she lived in rochester, ny (usa), from 2005 to 2010. paloma currently lives in switzerland, where she starts her mfa in the zurich school of art (2014), and actively works with european artists on different projects, and continues to pursue her interest in instructing visual arts to children, as well as immigrant communities. over the past decade, paloma’s work has been shown in exhibits in the u.s. (buffalo and rochester), canada (quebec, toronto, manitoba), switzerland (zurich and baden), slovenia (lendava), and mexico (monterrey).

her artwork is intended to awake a personal sense of self-consciousness through the continuous study of the human body, which is essential inspiration for her work and appears in almost all of her series. the images address issues of identity, gender and morality; the physicality of the body combined with myths and stories; and human-beast transformations. recent works deal with adaptation, translation, and transformation issues.